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Welcome to

Arbroath Cliff Tours

Breathtaking adventure tours of Arbroath's incredible coastline.

Beautiful scenery, Impressive sea caves, Secret beaches, Scottish wildlife and Friendly Dolphins.

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Kayaking Tours

Kayaking is the very best way to explore our beautiful coastline


We have 3 exciting tours on offer

2hr Quickie Tour

The best of the Cliffs up until Dickmont’s Den. This tour is quick and full on. We’ll pitstop in the best caves up until Dickmont’s Den.


3hr Adventure Tour
The very best of the Arbroath Cliffs.

If you want to be blown away by all of the best features at the Cliffs, then this tour is recommended.


1.5hr Sunrise Tour (ON REQUEST)

Bob on the sea as we watch the sunrise with a cuppy. We may even throw in a cave


The Stalactite Cave Walking Tour

The Stalactite Cave is a 300ft long seacave that fully fills up with water and can only be accessed on foot at certain times of the month.


We have a short window of time to walk in and explore this incredible cave before the tide rises again.

⚠️Please read the physical requirements

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My name is Cameron and I am the owner of Arbroath Cliff Tours

I am a proud Arbroath local who has been exploring the cliffs and caves for more than 25 years.

I love showing people these caves and have safely taken out 1000+ people on small private kayaking tours.

I am an RNLI trained surf lifeguard, Outdoors first aid trained, a Paddlesports Instructor and have been kayaking in countries around the world for many years.

I love endurance sports, swimming, reading, writing music, yoga, meditation and photography.

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Contact Us


Arbroath Cliffs Car Park,
Victoria Park,



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Opening Hours

Everyday (the North Sea lets me)
Arrange via email or Messenger

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